"Preregistration for the sport also reached 1 million over a really brief span. First released in Korea in October 2016, MapleStory M fast became the No. 1 ranked free game on the App Store along with the Google Play Store and amassed more than 2 million downloads in the first fourteen days.
Additionally, MapleStory M has quality content lined up for post launch and it's been proven to engage players for the longer-term like the PC version of the game in Korea."
MapleStory M has been out in a test type in South Korea, Nexon's home country, since 2015. The MapleStory came out in 2003 for PC and has brought millions of gamers within its life. While the first is a 2D game, MapleStory M features 3D environments.
After a long lifetime, the original MapleStory has a fan base. That's why creating the sequel so distinct is smart. Fans that are spent in the original will have a reason but the sequel is very likely to attract their curiosity. In the best case situation, players may be active on both games.
The game offers a strong array of character options, an advanced progression and growth system and world building programs, redefining the MMORPG genre allowing gamers to customize everything.
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