Features and Specifications
living room, bedroom, kitchen, washroom,School, hospital, hotel,shopping mall, commercial complex,
subway station, , Lobby, hall, office,passageway
Competitive advantages:
1,Light source: 5050
2, Energy efficient: Saves more than 85% energy when compared with traditional halogen lamp.
3, High brightness: Brightness degradation is less than 1‰ per 1,000 hours.
4, Long lifespan: ,50,000 hours (10 years at 8 hours a day), longer than most of lamps in LED market.
5, Advanced technology: safer, ultra bright, amazing performance.
6, Excellent heat dissipation design, long working time be guaranteed
7, 85% saving on the electricity bills, and greatly reducing maintenance cost.
8, Instant on, no flashing, can be frequently turn on and off.
9, No UV/IR Radiation in the light beam, and no heat radiation .
Product details
Dimming function:
Daylight Harvesting
Detection Pattern
5 years warrantychina LED Ceiling Light