Evidently, this is a basketball match, so there aren't any kills and if you think about it, there's no way that the NBA would sign off on a game with gunplay. But, that does not kill my battle royale basketball concept.
The mode would unlock a post-apocalyptic variant of the Neighborhood map. Rotting basketball courts, tattered buildings, and other alternative structures could make up the scene.
The objective is to move throughout the area scoring a number of baskets on a number of observable and somewhat hidden hoops. Some are large, some are low. Some are indoors and some are outside. The tougher the shooter, the more points you get.
By way of instance, if you find a hoop beside the building your MyPlayer lives in, you could move all the way back into the Gatorade gym and attempt to sink long-range bombs. Making this kind of shot would result in a large number of points for your own total.
The object is to score enough points to avoid the removal windows and final areas of the Neighborhood (similar to the thinning of the secure areas away in the storm in Fortnite). In this instance, the thinning area would be replaced by closing hours for various locations.
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