This was compounded by nba 2k19 mt choice to flip participant development into a money-making strategy, putting micro-transactions everywhere in a match you already paid a fair quantity of money to purchase.
It was devastating to say the least and put a new nadir for its franchise, only two years after the heavily-restrictive storytelling of Spike Lee. NBA 2K place the bar so low that anything it'd do next year will surpass that. Luckily, NBA 2K19 does a bit more than that.
For one, the newest MyCareer in NBA 2K19 has a much better story. You play with a college celebrity -- known AI -- that fails to be chosen in an NBA Draft then ends up in China playing with the literary Shanghai Bears team. It is a novel concept, one that is surprising, jarring, and even disorienting, what with the coach's directions and commentary all being in Mandarin.
While you've a translator for the former, you just need to stay with the latter. It really makes you feel out of place, and that's most likely what 2K was heading for. We loved it so much that we want EA Sports would pick up on this aspect to FIFA's next foray with The Journey, given the match and sport's worldwide fame, and that it's finishing its story this year.
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