Product Introduction
SKMG40 electric portable anchoring drilling rig is mainly used for railways, highways, landslide control endangering of hydropower and anchor hole, drainage hole, grouting hole construction for dangerous rock anchoring reinforce projects, as well as the blasting hole and tunnel pipe shed shoring hole construction .
Product information
Type: portable anchoring drilling rig
Power type: electric engine and air compressor
Brand name: Shoukai
Model :SKMG40
Feature : hydraulic system control compact, lightweight, good disassembling, and easy to relocate and positioning; wide drilling angle range, power head can move forward and backward along the mast, drilling and positioning is convenient and reliable.,
Warranty: 6months
Certification: ISO9001:2008
semi-hydraulic rig
casing drill available
low cost and good performance for geological engineering
also use for blast hole
1, simple up and down device
The simple up and down device can adjust the horizontal height of anchor cable hole easily.
Wear resisting Nylon plate can prevent guide track from wearing when power head operates.
2, reliable power head
Cycloidal gear reductor and electric motor forms power head. The power and torque transmit is stable and big.
The air packet is the air source inlet of impactor, in the meanwhile it can reduce the impact of power head from drilling rod.
3, reliable propulsion device
This device adopts hydro-cylinder and chain propulsion with compact structure, big lifting force and good stability.
4, centralized control system
Electric operating and rock drilling work are both centralized controled. It is convenience and fast.
The unidirection throttle valve can adjust feeding speed at any time.
Propulsion reducing valve hand wheel can adjust propulsion force as per different working situation.
Technical parameter for portable anchoring drilling rig
model SKMG40 bore depth 10~60m
bore diameter 90~180mm drilling rod diameter Φ76 x 1500mm
bore dip angle 0~90° power head torque 2400N·m
max. lifting force 25KN max. propulsion force 0~20KN
electric motor power for power head 5.5kw or 7.5kw electric motor power for hydraulic system 4kw
weight 500kg max. component weight 150kg
overall dimension 2800x800x1400mm
Output rotary speed 50rpm
Products details
SKMG40 portable anchoring drilling rig delivery photos:
(packaged in wooden box by LCL transport for export abroad )
SKMG40 portable anchoring drilling rig working at site:
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