Product:NH-450/11 dies aluminum straight line wire drawing machine
Model:11 Dies
Product Feature:
• The drawing blocks rank in a horizontal row, and the cantilevers of all die holders are very short and in equal length.
• The surface of drawing blocks is coated with tungsten carbide material, whick is strong in hardness and wear proof, having long life span.
• Continuous dual take up, automatic reel-change, the automatic reel-change can be done at more than 99% efficiency.
• Drive by DC motor, the imported PLC and touch screen is convenient for operator to set and display the parameter on the touch screen.
Technique Specs:
TypeMax drawing dies   Inlet wire diameter(mm)Outlet wire diameter(mm)   Max. line speed(m/m)   Drawing capstan diameterMain motor(kw) Total power(kw)  
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