party8:38: Rob-o starts his recap of the game after being there in person14:02: This was NFC West football16:45: Standout players. Joey: CB Marcus Peters. 3k (18:04): K Cairo Santos. Rob-o (19:10): WR Robert Woods22:16: Joey’s report card29:10: “This is a defense that has given up 85 points over the last three games...”35:15 McVay’s Brass Balls鈩?8:00: “Is the juice worth the squeeze?”40:15: “Every single fan base is looking at the Rams and looking at McVay and saying White Andrew Whitworth Jersey , damn, I wish that guy was our head coach.”42:13: The Brandin Cooks hit and why 3k thinks it’s the most fascinating play of the season56:31: “The brutality has been there for decades.”1:00:10: Jared Goff would be a horrible host1:02:15: The only video games Jared Goff plays are golf video games to get better at actual golf1:04:43: “Thassa Haggar!”1:08:15: Rob-O joins the Cooper Kupp ClanThe show is now on iTunes, Art19 and Spotify too. Rams React To Thousand Oaks Shooting | CBS LASome things are more important than football. The tragic events in Thousand Oaks overshadow what should be a great NFC West matchup this Sunday. Horns, and prayers, up.Rams CB Marcus Peters has a message for Saints coach Sean Payton: Tell him ‘to keep talking that s—’ | Sporting NewsPersonally, if I was Sean Payton White Brandin Cooks Jersey , I’d take Peters up on his offer and keep talking. Until #22 starts making some positive plays for the Rams, I’m not so sure he should be the one flapping his gums. Gumbo for one, Marcus. To go.Goff Making Plays in Different Ways as Rams Prepare for Seahawks | Rams OfficialWhile it’s true that Goff has looked a little more comfortable running with the ball lately, don’t expect him to suddenly channel Michael Vick. Yes, it’s ok to call him “Crazy Legs” Goff.Opposing View: Seahawks HC Pete Carroll Has Established Offensive Identity with Run Game | Rams Official Truth. Carrol’s Seahawks rushed for nearly 200 yards against the Rams in the previous matchup. When much of the offseason chatter was about how poor their offensive line would be, Seattle has quietly built an effective ground game.Whicker: It’s a different circus White Cory Littleton Jersey , but Jared Goff’s Rams and Kurt Warner’s Rams resemble the same animal | OC RegisterWhile the GSOT teams played in a different era of pro football, those offenses took the NFL by storm. Mark Whicker makes some interesting comparisons between those teams and the latest incarnation of the Los Angeles Rams.Too conservative on play calls? Seahawks OC Brian Schottenheimer answers that, and other questions Thursday | Seattle TimesNo way! Schotty going conservative?! He’s a GENIUS/MASTERMIND/OVERLORD OF ALL THINGS OFFENSIVE FOOTBALL. Seahawks Know Continuing Running Game Success Will Be Crucial In Week 10 at Rams | Seahawks OfficialFrom the Hawks’ official site, a hot take: we ran it well last time and almost won, so if we do that again, we also might almost win. Something tells me the Rams might be waiting for them this week.Robert Woods has become one of the most underrated WRs in the NFL | RamsWireSo steady. So smooth. So... invisible. Cam DaSilva breaks down some numbers on Rams WR Robert Woods and his quietly dominant season.Los Angeles Rams: 4 bold predictions for Week 10 against the Seahawks | FanSidedBold in the way that A-1 Bold is bold. Meaning , you know, not really all that bold. More like a pinch of cayenne and a squeeze of lime. But go on, FanSided, speak your truths.Pharoh Cooper not certain to be activated off IR, get return job back | RamsWirePretty sure everyone has been thinking it — now someone’s finally saying it. While I’m not overly impressed with Blake Countess on kickoff returns, the Rams have a real find in PR JoJo Natson. Anyone else reach for the Depends when the thought of Cooper returning a kickoff in a playoff game comes to mind?Sean McVay taps the brakes on Aqib Talib being ready for Week 13 | RamsWireThis is a bit of a non-story , but some detail on Talib’s return just the same. Players are supposed to say they’re coming back right when eligible, and coaches are supposed to go “Well wait a minute, we need to go through the process of....” Tell you what: if the Rams D gets embarrassed in Mexico City like we all know they might, there’s 0% chance Talib isn’t ready to roll Week 13.