Quick Details
Place of OriginDanyang, Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand NameJust
Model Numberpolarized progressive mirror coating lens
Quality GradeAB mixed
Lens MaterialResin
Vision EffectSingle Vision
Coating ColorGreen/Gold/pink/blue/silver...14 kinds
Reflective Index1.56
Abbe Value36~38
Our Advantages
1. Envelop Design: Color Envelop with Your Logo, MOQ 2500 pairs.
White Envelop as standard packing.
2. Air Mark: Designed with Your Logo Which Can Print on Lens’ Surface.
3. Factory: Having Our Own Producing Line which Can Avoid Any Shortages.
1.Ingredients : ready the material of lens and mix according to formula , (formula is a secret )
2.Filling in model and first curing : filling the monomer into model , then put into curing machine , after some hours with high temperature , it will be solid
3.Open model : use machine to open model , and take out lens , the model is recycle , can be used many time until broke
4.Cutting lens edge : the original lens edge is not smooth , so have to cut with specific knife
5.Clean len : after cutting , will much dusty , so have to clean with specific water and liquid
6.The first checking : when there is no dusty on lens , will do the first checking , elect the good lens to do next step , the bad one will be threw away
7.Clip and clean lens : clip the good lens with tool and do one more time cleaning ,
8.HC coating : put the cleaning lens into HC machine , there are a lot specific liquid , have to be in one by one ,
9.second curing : after HC , will have to go to another curing machine , after high temperature , the specific liquid will be on surface stable , it will protect lens from scratch
10. The third checking : checking again , due to maybe have some liquid dots on it , it can not be moved ,so have to check and elect ,
11.HMC coating : once finish HC , will go to do HMC , it will refective bad ultraviolet ligth and reduce scratch
12. The fourth checking : after HMC ,we have to check to make sure the coating is ok , if not ok , will have to redo or threw away
13.The blank Package and store in warehouse : for factory , we put lens into blank envelope with power , then keep in warehouse ,
14. The fifth checking and Packing with clients’ envelope before shipment : once get order from customers , we will elect lens from warehouse , check quality and replace evelope , after these step ,will can send out ,
CertificateCustomized 1.56 Polarized Lens