Roger is an independent professional creative [url=]Authentic Kenny Stills Jersey[/url] , much like you and me. He does his own specialized version of consulting, coaching, and training.
Roger is great at what he does and has had many successes, but he often feels unfulfilled and dissatisfied with the progress of his business and marketing.
Results don鈥檛 seem to come fast enough; he feels he should always be doing more, and yet his long working hours are leading to burnout, not the results he craves.
Roger has a little issue that鈥檚 holding him back [url=]Authentic Ryan Tannehill Jersey[/url] , but he has no awareness that it鈥檚 even an issue.
Roger is what you might call a perfectionist-obsessive (P-O).
He doesn鈥檛 notice because he believes everyone should be more like him: hard-working, dedicated, organized, and strong-willed.
These are certainly strengths and can help in so many situations. He鈥檚 more productive than the average person.
But as a P-O he tends to overdo things. A LOT!
When you鈥檙e a P-O, these strengths can also work against you because you often take them to the extreme. And at some point, something鈥檚 gotta give.
Are these two scenarios familiar to you?
The prime characteristic of a P-O is the tendency to work on a project until it鈥檚 鈥減erfect.鈥?And because this consumes huge amounts of time [url=]Authentic Cameron Wake Jersey[/url] , productivity plummets.
Making matters worse, the P-O will often procrastinate endlessly, because they realize the project will take so much time and they鈥檙e afraid they won鈥檛 be able to do it perfectly.
So P-Os are often damned if they do and damned if they don鈥檛.
If someone else employed Roger, this behavior wouldn鈥檛 be tolerated. But being self-employed he can get away with it. After all, he controls his time, his goals [url=]Authentic Reshad Jones Jersey[/url] , his plans, and his destiny. Right?
Being so obsessed with being perfect, Roger doesn鈥檛 even notice his behavior. It鈥檚 like water to the fish.
鈥淧erfectionism, what perfectionism? I鈥檓 just trying to do a good job.鈥?p>
Are you a P-O?
Here are some typical P-O behaviors that might hit a nerve:
1. You believe that when it comes to projects, it鈥檚 all or nothing. As they say, 鈥淕o big or go home.鈥?
2. You tend to procrastinate or avoid projects because it鈥檚 never quite the right time. But the right time rarely comes. Yet you always have a good excuse for not getting it done.
3. You see mistakes before anyone else does. And you are intolerant of others who don鈥檛 meet your standards of perfection.
4. You frequently feel you鈥檙e right about any idea [url=]Authentic Minkah Fitzpatrick Jersey[/url] , project, or course of action you undertake. And there is no room or tolerance for compromise, only perfection.
5. You鈥檙e very particular about how things are done and rarely feel others can do things as well as you. You feel anxious or stressed when something you鈥檙e working on isn鈥檛 perfectly organized down to the last detail.
6. You are so results-oriented that you鈥檙e inclined to waste huge amounts of time perfecting incremental things that nobody else would notice or care about.
7. You have extremely high standards and habitually overdo things in your life, from your business to organizing, to hobbies, to taking care of your health. And [url=]Authentic Michael Deiter Jersey[/url] , instead of getting fulfillment, you get burnout.
8. You strive for perfection in everything, often at great cost to yourself. You鈥檇 rather lose sleep, eat poorly, and miss time with loved ones than not get a project done at an insanely high level.
9. You have such high standards that you may think you are morally superior to others, making you difficult to work with. You鈥檙e impatient and often arrogant.
10. Finally [url=]Authentic Christian Wilkins Jersey[/url] , even when you do great work that is admired and praised by others, you don鈥檛 feel you did a very good job and are rarely satisfied with your work. And if you don鈥檛 do a great job every time, you鈥檙e very hard on yourself.
Every P-O has their own particular behaviors that end up undermining their effectiveness. What鈥檚 yours?
If you happen to realize you鈥檙e a P-O and are determined to change, you鈥檒l run into a paradoxical barrier.
As a P-O, you鈥檒l attempt to make changes in the style of a P-O. Your self-improvement process just becomes more of the same.
鈥淚鈥檒l learn to stop being perfect, but I have to do it perfectly!鈥?p>
It鈥檚 only by completely stepping outside of the P-O box you live inside that there鈥檚 any hope of real change.
The purpose of this article is to help you increase your awareness of P-O tendencies and behaviors.
However [url=]Dan Marino Jersey[/url] , if this is a serious issue for you, I鈥檓 not really qualified to help you change. It鈥檚 complex, subtle and challenging.
But I will direct you to an amazing book:
It鈥檚 called Present Perfect by Pavel Samov, Phd.
Since I鈥檓 a bit of a P-O myself, I鈥檓 finding it immensely helpful. And If I work hard enough, and study for long hours [url=]Jordan Phillips Jersey[/url] , I just might get it right!
Cheers, Robert
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